Thick and curly, or thin and fair, independent of your hair type and style we have the best solution - Zepter’s DryFast is the blow dryer that will blow your mind away.

The Zepter DryFAST is ultra-light, making it easy to use during longer styling periods, and is equipped with multiple temperature and heat settings to best fit your needs.

Tips and Tricks for perfect Hairdo:

  • Wet hair is very sensitive, so try to dry it using the towel before you start blow drying. Don't use the high temperatures, the airstream should feel comfortable and not hurt your scalp
  • Keep the distance! Protect your hair and keep at least 20 cm gap between the blow dryer and hair.
  • Keep the hair dryer moving constantly. This avoids applying to much heat in a single spot.
  • If you are in the rush, use the higher setting for the air stream, not the heat.
  • Always use diffuser attachment, and prevent exposing individual strands of hair to too much heat.

Enjoy the new DryFAST, and get the same results without having to go all the way to the salon.